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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cute Feet-Print Butterflies for Wall Art & Inside Family Fun!

Okay! I just want to let everyone know that Pinterest is wonderful! I have found so many really cool ideas on there! About a month ago I found this cute little feet-butterfly art work. It was cute as a button so I had to save it. Yesterday I decided to do something crafty with my girls and figured they would love getting their feet painted! They had a blast! The finished art would be a wonderful gift for grandparents if the prints are done on a canvas. I would do the prints on paper first so you know how big your child's feet are so you don't buy a canvas that is too small. This was our Round 1. Round 2 will be after I buy some canvas that are 8x8 squared like I probably would of bought!
Here is how our Mommy - Daughter time went... along with the original picture I found on Pinterest!

 The Original Photo that I found on Pinterest. I did not click on the picture to follow it to the link the photo came from so I can't tell you what site it's from :0( Sorry

My girls and their Feet Print Butterflies!!!

 I didn't realize how much my girls had grown until I looked at these butterflies! Their feet are almost the same size!
By the way - You can use any type of paint, we used Finger Paint, with a paint-brush!

My 5 yr old's painted foot!
She said it tickled when I painted her toes and middle of foot!
 My 6 yr old's painted foot.
Rainbow Colors!!!!

My youngest decided that she wanted to paint her sister's toes!!

I wasn't able to get pictures of my girls stamping their feet on the paper because I was keeping their feet still but you have to put the left foot on the right side and the right foot on the left side and leave a tiny space in between for the butterfly body. After they dry, draw the body in-between the feet prints. Add some twirls for antenna's along with a finger print on the end and YOUR DONE!!

Here are my daughters' finished products!

I hope you like our walk through of making Feet Print Butterflies!! We had alot of fun and laughs with this project and I hope you are your kids have alot of fun also!! I've been trying to get the Pinterest button in my blog but haven't been able to get it working yet but if you like what you see and read then please share with your friends!! :0) Have a wonderful night and tomorrow!!

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