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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All you need to know about Tinkerbell - From her beginning in 1904 to her continuing success in 2012

..:: All About The Lovely Tinkerbell ::..
(Properly spelled Tinker Bell, normally misspelled as Tinkerbell. I will be using both spellings in this post.)

Fan Artwork I found by Gali Miau

Everyone knows who Tinkerbell is! Either you grew up with the tiny faerie who runs with Peter Pan and dislikes 'The Terrible Wendy Bird' aka Wendy Darling, the human girl that Peter Pan starts crushing on; Or you grew up with the adventure seeking pixie faerie who leads her group of friends on exciting  travels and normally ends up in some sort of trouble. Anyone who is over the age of 1 has seen this adorable blonde faerie somewhere.
Her picture is EVERYWHERE, in stores, on TV, in the beginning of almost every Disney movie, clothes, blankets, I can go on and on and on! The obsession is crazy, but I have to admit that I have a tiny obsession myself. I've always LOVED any and all faeries so Tinkerbell is no different. About a week ago I started thinking about how much I really knew about Tink.... So I did some research and actually learned alot! I decided to share what I learned.
Other than her movie adventures, do you really know who Tinkerbell is? Here's a little bit of information that you may or may not of known about Tinkerbell, her Life and her growing History.
 Tinkerbell first appeared on our TV screens in 1904 as Peter Pan's trusty faerie side-kick. J.M. Barrie had no idea when he wrote the playwright 'Peter Pan' that this fictional character he created as a faerie named Tinker Bell was going to be so popular... Even more popular than Peter Pan himself. I'm sure he never dreamed that she would live on to have her own adventures through out Neverland with her own movie series. Tinker Bell has become the unofficial mascot of The Walt Disney Company and flies across the screen in the beginning of almost every Disney movie these days!

Tinkerbell, also known by her nickname Tink, has been in lots of movies throughout the years including 'Peter Pan',  'Peter and Wendy', 'Peter Pan in Scarlet', 'The Black Cauldron', 'Caption Hook' and of course, her recent movies including 'Tinkerbell', 'Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure', 'Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue' and the new movie that came out on October 23, 2012 called 'Tinkerbell and The Secret Of The Wings'.
 Periwinkle and Tinker Bell were born of the same laugh in the new movie 'Tinkerbell and The Secret of the Wings'
Tink is a Tinker Faerie, which means that she fixes things. Such as pots, kettles, baskets and anything that's broken and needs alittle fixin! Tinker Faeries use to just make and fix things using the stuff they could find in nature, but once Tink came along, she slowly changed things for the better. Now along with their natural tools, Tinker Faeries use "Lost Things" aka Things washed up on the beaches of Neverland... Once owned by humans before they lost them. The "Lost Things" are a big help with getting things done in Neverland alot faster than before. All thanks to Tinkerbell!
Clank and Tinkerbell with their leaf baskets

To humans, Tink's voice sounds like a tiny bell, ringing with every word she speaks. To talk to humans she draws pictures and acts things out with to let them know what she is trying to say. Kind of like the game of charades. Tinkerbell gets captured in 'The Great Fairy Rescue' movie and becomes really close friends with a little girl named Lizzie.
Tink drawing in 'Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue'

I completely overlooked this... Did you realize that the Original Tinker Bell carried a sparkly wand and the new Tinker Bell gets pixie dust sprinkled over her head every day and every now and then carries a leaf bag of pixie dust!? She no longer carries her trusty wand with the star on top! I wonder if she lost it somewhere...

Here are a few pictures I found of Tinkerbell, that her fantastic fans drew of her! (most found at and through a Google Search)

This cute little baby Tinkerbell is so adorable! I love it!!
"Child Tinkerbell" created by
"Peter Pan - What da ya Think Tinkerbell?" created by Manny Hernandez

Tinkerbell Concept Art by ~simplykatelyn on deviantART
Tinkerbell by Tim Rogerson

I will be updating this post as I gather more sparkly facts and photos of and about everyone's favorite faerie...... Tinkerbell!

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