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Monday, September 17, 2012

Was "Sex Parties" used by the Mafia to try and destroy The Kennedy Brothers? Did Sinatra know about the set up?

The So Called "Sex Parties"

Has everyone heard about the so called "Sex Parties" that were said to been going on between The Kennedy Brothers (John, Robert and Edward), Marilyn Monroe, Peter Lawford and his wife; Patricia Kennedy (a Kennedy sister and Marilyn Monroe's best-friend), Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack, along with many others I'm sure.?

Anyone who is a Marilyn Monroe fan knows about her affairs with John and Robert/Bobby Kennedy along with Frank Sinatra. Marilyn dreamed of being both JFK and Frank Sinatra's wife during their separate affairs. But I don't know so much about sex parties!

Marilyn Monroe talks to Frank Sinatra at Cal Neva Lodge in Crystal Bay, Nevada, in the Sixties.

Rumor has it that those "parties" were held in JFK's suite at Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan aka "JFK's New York White House". According to a FBI report that got released in June 2010, the Mafia called for the "Sex Parties". They wanted girls, chosen by Franck Sinatra and his associates, to be "placed in compromising situations" with the Kennedy brothers. A Mafia informant told the FBI that the plan was to embarrass the Kennedy brothers. (I'd say that they either wanted to, or did, blackmail the brothers with pictures and recordings of the parties.) Apparently, the "trusted" informant said the Mafia wanted to destroy Robert Kennedy due to his war on organized crime when he was U.S. Attorney General, 1961 - 1964 (according to the declassified documents).
I, myself, don't think that pictures of John, Robert and Edward with beautiful bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and others, would ruin them. Everyone knows that it was rare for a Kennedy man to be faithful so I don't believe one bit that their wifes never knew if their husbands were cheating or not. Back then, the women mostly looked over it due to press, political, and family. They were expected to stand by their man, no matter what. The Kennedy's were famous! A divorce could of rocked their role in politics, back then. So maybe that was it. They wanted so much proof that the Kennedy women couldn't take it anymore and left anyways. I don't, we will never know the truth, but we can still question and wonder.... can't we?
John and Jackie Kennedy
The tip wasn't told until July 1965, which is almost 2 years after John F Kennedy's death. It is said that the FBI didn't investigate the tip due to not enough proof. (The question running through my brain is : Why wait so late to tell the agents if you knew about this the whole time and was talking to the FBI anyways? Maybe the informant wasn't an informant when the plans were made but still...!)
 The file popped up in the FBI's Milwaukee office along with a memo reading : 
'It was reported that Mrs Jacqueline Hammond, age 40, has considerable information concerning sex parties,' Mrs Hammond, said to have been divorced from her husband, who was a former U.S. Ambassador, and also allegedly kept a room at The Carlyle Hotel.
Even though  she was described as "credible" , the FBI didn't think that the information about the extortion attempt was detailed enough to launch an investigation. The documents were part of collection of over 2,000 FBI documents in Edward Kennedy's file. (Mainly a bunch of death threats)
Noone looked into the "Sex Party rumors". That's pretty much where the story ends.... With Rumors. But I have to say that I still believe that they had to be something else going on at these parties if this was the work of the Mafia.

John, Robert and Edward Kennedy

The Carlyle Hotel in the 1960's
The Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan, where the parties are said to be held.
John F Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy leaving The Carlyle Hotel.The facade looks a bit different in the photo above due to the hotel having an awning put up for the Kennedy visit.
 The Caryle Hotel now ~ 2012
The Exterior - 2012

The Entrance
The Lobby
The Lobby Sitting Area

The Carlyle Restaurant

There are lots of rumors of tunnels under The Carlyle, use to enter and exit the hotel without being seen by other guests and the press. It's said that JFK slipped Marilyn Monroe into his suite using these tunnels. None are in any of the photos, of course.

Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford

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