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Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Pinata

Quick Fun Pinata

Since the warm weather is finally here, alot of people are having Birthday parties. A Pinata is almost always a must at a child birthday party. But they are so expensive! The big ones cost up to $40 these days!!! The cheapest pinata I was able to find last month was a small butterfly that was on sale for $11.99. My daughters just turned 5 and 6 so we had them a combined birthday party. I ended up not being able to get them a pinata, we ran out of money at the end. The day before the party, my aunt came and got my girls so they could play with her daughter and I could finish up the house and finish getting ready for the Birthday Party. While she had the girls, she found directions to make a quick pinata out of paper bags! Yes, I know, that sounds lame, but it turned out really cute!
Ciara, age 5, hitting her home-made Pinata
The Supplies you will need are :
2-4 Paper Grocery bags
Streamer in the colors that fit your Party Theme.
Glue (Craft Glue or School Glue will work)
Packing tape (Clear tape works best but if you would like you can use the colored duck tape that matches your party colors)
String or Ribbon
Goodies to fill Pinata
Hole Punch (I didn't have a hole punch so I stuck a nail thru the bag and tape to make the small holes)
Craft/Decorating Supplies
Paper, Markers/Crayons, Magazine clippings,
Computer Printouts such as Clip-Art,
Stickers, Glitter

Depending on how strong you want the pinata to be is how many bags you use. I used 2 and it lasted thru 5 little girls hitting it, but as soon as the first boy took a swing it busted and everyone was happy! So if you have a party full of boys you might want to use 3 or 4 bags.
Bringing the Birthday boy or girl in to help with their pinata makes it even more special to them, along with the important bonding time you will be getting with your child! It's such a fun way to bring out someones imagination and make it useful!
Here is how to begin ---->
Start out with one bag laying flat on the table.
Decide how you're going to decorate your pinata.You can use pretty much anything you like. Any theme can be displayed on the pinata. For example, my daughters' had a very gurlie party. Everything pink, purple and flowery with Princesses and Faeries everywhere! With our pinata, I drew and cut out flowers of pink and purple construction paper along with a few green leaves and a couple butterflies. My daughters and I randomly glued them on the front and back of the bag. You can find pictures of princesses or any special design online or draw and color your own, Magazine pictures make pretty pinata's also! Make sure that none of the important pictures or designs that you want visible are on the bottom 4 inches of the bag.
Our Gurlie Pinata
Once you have your design on the bag and it is almost dry, if not all the way dry (depending on how much time you have before the party), Cut the streamer in 12 to 14 inch strips. You can distinguish how many of each color you would like to use, I did mine in a pattern with pink and white. Glue the strips about 4 inches from the bottom, letting them dangle past the bottom of the bag. You will need to open up the bag for this step. Make sure the strips are touching and go around all four sides of the bag, the last one may over lap a bit. Open up the other bags and place them inside the decorated bag. (They should all fit perfectly inside each other) Add your pinata goodies!! When you have all your goodies in your pinata, close the top of the bag by putting the tops together and using tape to keep it secure. Go around the top of the bag a couple times with the take to make sure it's strong enough to hold the weight of the bag on the string or ribbon.
Brooklynd, age 6, hitting our home-made Pinata
After you get it taped, using a hole punch, place holes about 2 inches apart across the top of the bag, about an inch from the top edge. Weave the string or ribbon thru the holes leaving about a foot of string on each end. Tie the ends together to make a handle on top of the pinata. This pinata can be made the day of the party and be drying while the party goers are eating and doing gifts, or it can be made in the days before the party. Finally...... hang up your Pinata!!

 I hope you enjoy my directions for an easy DIY Pinata
Photos by Thru My Eyes Photography

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