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Friday, June 8, 2012

Balloon Pop Party Games

 Having a Summer Birthday Party soon? 

Need some ideas for games that are cheep  but the kids will still love? Here are 2 Balloon Pop Games, the top game is for school age kids and the 2nd game is for the smaller kids.

Game 1Balloon Pop Game Back-to-Back For 2 or More Players
What You Need :
  LOTS of Balloons!!!!


1. Pick teams of 2
2. Have the pairs stand in a line or a circle, back to back, with a balloon held between their backs
3. When the adult says Go, the players press together, trying to pop their balloon. The first team to pop their balloon wins. Or if you don't want a winner, you can keep going until all the balloons are gone.

Game 2
Balloon Foot Race

Photo via Thru My Eyes Photography
Tie strings/ribbons to end of Balloons
Tie other side of the string to the child's ankles, one on each leg.
Give kids a length of your yard to run in (like a race),
Have them run once down to the "finish line"
On their way back to the starting line, The kids have to pop each-others balloons.
The last one with atleast one balloon not popped, Wins!

(Make sure you do this Balloon Foot Race on grass in-case someone falls.)

Are you having a Summer Birthday Party Soon?

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