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Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY ~ Note Cards / Invitations

How To Make ~ Note Cards:  Would be Wonderful Invitations for any Party!
Use Spray Mount to attach two different patterned papers of the same size back to back,
Let it set for a few minutes and then fold paper in half.
Photocopy the flower template from the website (or draw your own), enlarging or shrinking it to your wanted size
Cut out the shape.
Unfold your homemade card (or store-bought card) & place the template over the middle of the crease, Trace half the flower in pencil on 1/2 of the card, on the fold.
On a cutting mat - Use a utility knife to cut out the half-flower.
For the flower seals, shrink the flower, then cut it out.
Trace the flower onto paper and cut out,
Use a glue stick to attach to envelopes.

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