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Monday, May 7, 2012

My Lazy Day

Yesterday was such a lazy day for me! I mostly just laid around the house doing nothing at all. I did get to do a small Photo Shoot though. One of my friends is going through a custody battle over her step-daughter. She needs pictures of Hope, her step-daughter, playing with her friends and being happy. The pictures are going to be shown in court. My daughters and a couple more of Hope's friends came over and I pretty much followed them around, snapping pictures. I'm very happy with how the pictures look on my computer. Now I'm just waiting on the finished product to show up in my mail! I just love getting pictures in the mail! It makes me excited! I'll be sure to let everyone know how the prints turn out.
Ohhhh~~Before I forget.... I have updated my prices for my Photo Shoots. The package prices have all changed along with a new package being added.I have also added a couple of other things as well. The prices are posted on my website ~ Check it out!!~
*I'll be adding more pictures to my site very soon. I've been very busy and have gotten a bit behind!*

Here is one of the shots I got yesterday!

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