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Monday, January 12, 2015

DIY Valentine's Day Foam Stamps: Kids Craft

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**Valentine Foam Stamps Tutorial**

DIY Valentines Foam Stamps

With Valentine's Day just over a month away, I figured I'd do something new and get a head start on my Love Day crafting and planning... which I NEVER do, since I'm always behind and sometimes close to late... no matter which holiday I'm planning for.

While my daughters were making birthday cards for one of their friends, I got an idea for creating stamps out of foam stickers! The whole process takes only a few minutes from start to end. I gathered a few supplies by wondering throughout the house and finding things that rolled easily as well as things that could be used as a sturdy stamp handle. Below you will find the supplies that I used to create my stamps but don't confine yourself to the things I found... You don't have to use the same supplies I used to create awesome stamps, be creative and add some personal touches to make them your very own!

Crafting Supplies

Materials Needed:

Foam Stickers (Hearts, Flowers, etc)
Cardboard tube (Toilet paper, paper towel, etc)
Paint (Acrylic Paint Works best but Watercolors will work as well)
Glue Stick
Simi-Thick Paper (Construction paper, sketch paper, etc)

**Check end of post for replacement supply ideas**

*Rolling Stamp*

DIY Rolling Stamp

I simply stuck foam stickers onto a toilet paper roll in a random fashion.
I didn't have enough hearts to use on the Rolling Stamp so I used flowers! You can use your new stamp to create homemade wrapping paper, Valentine's cards and so much more!

*Simple Heart Stamp*

Heart Stamp

This one couldn't be any easier.... All you have to do is place any foam sticker onto a sturdy cylinder shaped item, dip into paint and STAMP AWAY!
I used a cute little heart in honor of the upcoming Love Day! Any shape can be used to match any and all holidays, celebrations and everyday fun!
Also great for homemade wrapping paper, Valentine's cards plus much more!

*Pencil Eraser Dots*

Pencil Eraser Stamping

You can also make polka dots using the eraser of a new pencil!
The options are endless with a circled dot stamp!

Here are a few example of other items you can use on your stamps. This is only a small selection of options.... The possibilities are ENDLESS so let your creativity run wild!
I'd love to see what you come up with, post your new stamp creations onto our Facebook page if you like, I LOVE sharing ideas!

DIY Stamping Supplies

Cut Apples into different shapes and use as your stamp, Use the orange peal for a unique texture, toy car wheels for car tracks, M&M container for stamp handle and circle stamp, make a flower print using the ring and so on......

DIY Stamping Supplies

Add your foam stickers to anything that rolls easily to create a rolling stamp!

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