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Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Parenting Life Hacks to Help Ease Your SuperMom Brains

We should be allowed to add Super-Parent to our resumes since I'm sure that everyone will agree that it's one of the hardest jobs that we'll ever take on! Right? It's time to give those super-capes a break by trying out some of these neat parenting hacks while adding a bit of fun to our routines, for both mommy and child.

For better handwriting, send the kids out to play on the monkey bars!

Let the kids "join in" on your video gaming by giving them controllers that aren't hooked up! (My fiance and I use to do this with our girls all the time!)


Trace your child's feet onto a sheet of paper and keep it in your purse, no longer do you have to have your child with you when shoe shopping!

Freeze a pacifier in a bottle lid with water, juice, formula, etc to help sooth a teething baby.


Store your babies pacifier in little plastic containers with lids to help keep germs and dirt out of your child's mouth.

Make a few simple cuts to create the PERFECT SANDWICH!!!

Turn your child's old crib into a new and useable desk! Isn't this absolutely wonderful?

Attach a self-stick hook to the back of your toddler's high-chair to help you keep up with clean bibs.

Change up your punishing method a bit: Fill a bottle about 3/4 full with water. Add a bottle of glitter glue as well as ultra-fine glitter. Flip the bottle or give it a little shake. When the glitter settles... TIME-OUT IS OVER!

Finally there's a solution to the waiting game of heating up more than one bowl in a regular sized microwave... USE A CUP!

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