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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to School - Teenagers and Their Lockers

Back to School
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Teens and Lockers

School is now in full force! You bought new clothes, shoes, TONS of needed supplies.... But what about your teen's locker? Don't you think it's about time to add some spark and personality to their tiny storage space? Decorating and organizing your locker can help teens stay as efficient as possible during the hectic school year, which is a MUST in all grades but even more so once they reach High School! Here are a few products that'll help your teen declutter and stay focused all year long.... Don't forget to let them add some style to their locker as well - Personality means more to teens then us parents realize. Don't you remember your teenage years?

Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

Magnetic Dry Erase Board
For those MUST REMEMBER tests and moments!

Quartet - Magnetic Dry-Erase Board - $8.46, 5.58 shipping - Available at Marketplace

2-Tier Janus Locker Shelf Translucent

Locker Shelf

Maximize vertical space in your locker with our ingenious Janus Locker Shelf. Two adjustable shelves provide multiple levels of storage for books, notebooks and school supplies.

Locker Pocket Organizer with Mirror

Locker Pocket Organizer with Mirror

The locker organizer with mirror holds all those little things that get lost at the bottom of the locker. Two pockets a mirror and a zipper pocket will keep things organized.

Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin

Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin

The Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin is a great place to store pens, pencils, notepads, index cards, a pocket calculator, hair accessories and personal care items

Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin - $6.99, 8.95 shipping - Available at The Container Store

Mag-Neato's Vinyl Magnet Set

Vinyl Magnet Set

For displaying that perfect test paper or maybe a photo or two!

Mesh Magnetic Vanity Bin (White)

Magnetic Vanity Bin

A great place to store pens, pencils and personal care items. A mirror provides a place to check your look between classes. Super-strong magnets on the back keep it securely in place.

Locker Fur Rug (Pink)

Locker Rug

Who wants to look at all those dirty stains from past years locker occupants? Add a fur rug and cover them all up... plus you'll be adding a bit of yourself as well! 

Magnetic Dry Erase Locker Wallpaper

Locker Wallpaper
Add some style to your locker walls with Dry Erase Locker Wallpaper. Why? Because it AWESOME!

White Beaded Locker Chandelier

Locker Chandelier

Locker Chandeliers?? OF COURSE!! Why not?

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