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Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY Project: Create Unique Pet Beds using Upcyced Sweaters -- Minimum Sewing Ability Required!

DIY Pet Beds: Upcycle your old, unwanted Sweaters!! ★

Create something special for your furry friends by transforming your unwanted winter sweaters into comfy masterpieces that are fit for any royal pet...
Did I mention how simple these pet beds are to create?? Let the kids join in and make a family project day out of it!!

Needed Supplies:
1 Sweater
2 Unused dishtowels/bathtowels
Fabric Scraps or Cotton Stuffing
Sewing Needles


If your using scrap fabric for the stuffing -- Start by cutting the fabric into many small pieces.

• Fold the towels to where they are just shy of your desired size, forming the base to your pet bed.

Optional - You can also add a layer of scrap stuffing if wanted.

• Pin all layers together into an oval-like shape.

• Fold in the edges toward the base center and loosely sew into place.

• Add your padding to the sweater body (Cotton stuffing or fabric scraps) and sew into place using thick wool thread.

• Stuff the sleeves as well and shape themvaround the circular base.

• Finish off the bed by sewing and securing everything into place.

• You can decorate the bed to either match your home or make it as unique as your furry child! Anything's possible as well as a non-decorated beauty that'll amaze all of your animal loving friends!

★★ Quick Tip ★★
If you match your thread color with the sweater color then you'll have less to worry about since neatness won't be noticed. Which is perfect for sewing beginners of all ages, including kids!

★★Minimum Sewing Ability Required! ★★

Get Creative and Design your pet a one-of-a-kind bed that'll score owner points in s heartbeat!!
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