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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Diary of a Blogger without Internet...

A while back I wrote a single post called "The Diary of a Blogger without internet" (I may have written 2 but I only remember 1 at this moment). I never continued it because I ended up getting my internet back right after I decided to start the diary. Apparently it was bad timing and today may also be bad timing but it's worth a try... So here we go --
I've been without internet for a few weeks now and I've fallen dangerously behind on absolutely everything that I can fall behind on! At first I was in panic mode and worried myself into a bad-mood atleast once a day, sometimes more often than that. Being ill all the time done nothing but upset the ones around me which didn't help me out at all. Somehow or another, I started calming down and rarely hit panic mode. Doing my best to keep busy helped out a lot, I'm sure. The Holidays, moving and my girls have kept this brain pretty busy.

On the plus side, I've been able to find a few spare minutes to spill my thoughts into my phone, on the notepad. Some of my writings are a bit scrambled and others are blog related (reviews and such) but I figured that since I spent the time to write in the pad, I couldn't just let them sit on my phone and take up space. So on the rare occasions that I'm able to access the web, I'll try and get a post or two live as well as adding the date that the "note" was written :) For example -- The words your reading right this very second are being written at 10:58pm, Sunday night (Jan 5, 2014). Take a look at today's date and you'll notice the difference. I'm not sure how all of this is going to turn out but definitely worth a try :) Feel free to leave comments on the posts with your thoughts on whatever I may be rambling about. Hearing other people's opinions gets my brain working even more!


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