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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are you more for one race then another? And not know about it?? ~ African American - European American IAT Test

African American - European American IAT

I was watching Anderson today and he had a bit on his show about a test you can take to see if you have an automatic preference for a certain race that you may not even realize on your own! On the show today they even had a test that they did with random kids in a school to see what they think was going on in a picture. And then they showed them the same picture with the kids race changed. Most kids changed the way they felt about the picture because of the color of the child skin in the pictures!! In other words: Make sure you have a talk with your children about Race! If you don't they will not know what is right or wring because kids look for different and similarities when they go thru life. So if you talk to your child and let them know that skin is nothing but a color. Everyone is the same! You wouldn't dislike someone because they are wearing a pink shirt when you are wearing a yellow shirt would you?? So why dislike someone because their skin is a different color than yours?? Those are a couple of questions I would like to ask a few members of my family that are racist.
I took the test and got my results. It can be upsetting and surprising!!!! Will You Take it? I'll  post my results if everyone will post their results.

Click HERE to take the Test!

My Results:
Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for European American compared to African American

What do I think about my results??
Well I'm not upset by them. I am not racist at all and everyone who knows me knows how I feel about racist people. But I was raised by a few people who were and are still racist. So I guess that does play a tiny bit in how my mind works. But the test proved that I am not 100% more for whites then blacks. Just a tiny bit and from what the makers of the test said...."Most Americans have some sort of automatic preference for European Americans aka White Americans" Even African Americans have some sort of auto preference for White Americans. the test has proven it.

Okay, Now lets see what everyone else's results are!!! And how do you feel about those results??

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