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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

13 Things Your Toddler Can Do But You Can't.... #7 gives me stage fright

Does any of this sound slightly familiar to the moms in the world?
Numbers 7 & 10 are my favorite!
Which one(s) made you giggle?

Toddler vs Parent
The demographic above was found in a Facebook post via unknown account. Photo originally belonging to NickMom

Do you ever feel slightly jealous over tasks & activities that you're no longer able to do... While the kids know no struggle.... Making mommy jealous while wearing one of those "Mean Girl" smirks that makes you start to wonder about the thoughts running through that tiny head of theirs. Something like: "I bet money she's thinking -Haha Mommy! I can do this but you can't!! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Or possibly "It's not my fault mommy can't fit in the park swings anymore... But I'm not complaining..."

Toddler vs Parent
The struggle is real!!!

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