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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Diary of a Blogger w/out internet ...

(2/1/2014 •°• 1:53pm)

Times are tough.
2013 ended with a boom and I'm still cleaning up the debris. Living with friends can be stressful but we're doing pretty good. Everyone has their own struggles and worries and have been dealing with them as best as they can. My main struggle is personal space and finding time for myself. I've always been a quite type of girl and enjoy my privacy. When you have 4 adults & 3 kids living in one home, it can get hectic. There have been many days where frustration has gotten the best of me and I've ended up getting a little ill at moments. Stealing a few minutes, sitting alone in the car while Alan and the girls are inside, is the only way I'm surviving my personal space issues. It's not perfect and would be better with internet, but it's better than nothing. Now if I could only find a way to enjoy some better "together time" then we'd be in business.

Alan works all the time and if it's not the kids who "hover" it's the roommates. A night, it's sleeping or silence. Something's gotta give...

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