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Monday, October 22, 2012

So Many Costumes... So Little Time!!!! - Costume Idea's

Halloween is just around the corner, just 10 days away! My daughters have bounced around with their costumes LOTS of times this month and I'm really not sure what they are going to be yet! And to be truthful, I have no idea if their father and I are going to dress up either and if we do.... WHAT ARE WE GOING TO BE? Alan, my fiance, has a ninja outfit that is lost somewhere in our room so if we happen to find that in the next 9 days then he may go as a Ninja. One of our friends gave him a double sword a few weeks ago and I'm thinking that he will want to bring it along also..... but it's real so I don't know about that idea. But me on the other hand..... I have no clue what I could be. At first I wanted to be Rainbow Bright but then I realized that I wasn't sure if I could figure that costume out. I'm still going to keep an eye out for ways for that one but I'm not spending alot of money on a Halloween Costume. I want to try and make all of our costumes with help from Thrift Shops, there's no point in spending lots of money on something that we're only going to wear for one night. I do have a Geisha Costume but I don't like the fact that it is an actual costume and the dragon fabric on the front of the dress is upside down! It really really bothers me, for some reason :-) I really want to dress up bad but I also want to make sure that we're all warm and not getting sick while collecting candy, that my fiance will more than likely eat most of. (I don't let my girls eat alot of candy but its fun to let them dress up and collect bunches anyways!) I believe that my daughters ideas at the moment are a Ghost and Arial the Mermaid. We have a Arial costume somewhere but I have to find it and I if my oldest, Loran, wants to be a ghost.... I want her to be an awesome Ghost. So as long as both girls still have the same costume idea tomorrow..... Then I will start getting to work on those. But in this month, Jade and Loran have came up with lots of ideas. Including ~ Share Bear - The Purple CareBear, Rapunzel from Tangled, A Witch, An Angel, Mermaid (that one has came up more than once) and a Ghost and a couple more that I don't remember. Decisions Decisions Decisions!!! So I looked up Halloween Costumes and found a few ideas....... Some are Really Cool........ And Some are Really Odd!!!!

Take A Look

Costumes for all Occassions

Spaghetti Baby??


Not to sure what I think about this one.... It's very cute but a bit weird too. I'm not sure if I would dress my baby as a bowl of Spaghetti but I would love to see a "Baby Bowl of Spaghetti" in person!!

* 2013 Update*

(If you've dressed your baby up in a funny costume before - I would love to see photos! Maybe I can make a gallery of some sort soon... Something like a Fan Gallery!!)

IPod Dad

This dad really got creative! It's funny but not our style at all! I'm sure this family got alot of attention on their Trick-Or-Treating trip!

Man Baby Birth??

This is just wrong on sooo many levels! I don't really know what else to say.....

Costume SuperCenter

Paper Doll

How adorable!! Not sure if I could talk my girls into this but it wouldn't take much to make.... Just some poster board, Velcro, Markers, and Some warm clothes to Velcro the paper clothes too!! HOW COOL!

Leaf Pile


This is the cutest Leaf Pile EVER!! My daughters are to "girly" for a Leaf pile but it wouldn't take much to make this costume either! Some black sweat pants, black shirt and some plastic fall-like leaves from the local craft or department store. Simply glue the leaves all over the Black clothes, add a black eye mask (You can find these masks at almost any store around Halloween time!), add a little rake and some black shoes as well and there you go!! You got yourself a leaf pile costume! How nifty!

Costume Idea found at: Coolest Homemade Costumes



Is that Reptar from Rugrats?? I sure hope so because I LOVE it!!

Rarrrrrrrr!!!!! hehe

The Flintstones Family


This Flintstone Family idea, from Coolest Homemade Costumes, would be cute for a big family! Don't you agree?

Twister and Operation

How fun!! These game costumes that are also from Coolest Homemade Costumes, are kinda cool and very creative! Not too sure if I could convince my fiance to wear anything of that nature.... He's not much of a "clowning around person".

Thing 1 and Thing 2


This has to be the Sweetest Thing 1 and Thing 2 that I've EVER seen!

My little cousin dressed up for Dr Seuss' Birthday in Kindergarten and she was Thing 2
Wasn't Alex an adorable Thing 2???

Sexy Vampire


This is A very sexy Halloween costume and I like it but I want to be warm and I'm not sure how easy this would be to make warm.

Rainbow Bright


I found a kid and an grown-up Rainbow Bright. They both give me lots of ideas but not sure if I could pull it off or not.



These cute little ghost give me so many ideas!! The 2nd one, The older girl, is made from a pillow case the directions are on Sugar Bee Crafts. I may try that out or try and go a bit spookier! I'll ask Loran and see what she likes :-)



I found a few different Rapunzel costumes and I'm really not sure which one I wanna swing toward. A long fancy purple dress from a thrift store along with some lace, white paint and a bit of pink ribbon should do the trick!. It shouldn't be too hard and I'm planning on not using a sewing machine so the less sewing possible is what I'm looking for!

Arial ~ Mermaid

I've found a few different Mermaid costumes and the top 2 photos are my favorite! The one Jade has looks very much like the bottom one. I've got find it and see what I can do for my lil' mermaid lover!

Alice In Wonderland

I love the Alice costumes! Don't you? If I can find a cute little blue dress, a white apron, some black ribbon, black shoes, either black and white stripped stockings or some tall socks, maybe even some black lace, stamps and paint then I could try it out. I wouldn't mind being Alice in Wonderland one year!!

We have alot of decisions to make before Halloween gets here. Not to mention that my girls are suppose to dress up for Halloween for School as well! But they have to be a character from a book.

Then we have our Trick or Treat Costumes!
I hope these ideas helped some of yall out like they did me! I have LOTS of planning to do!!!


I hope everyone enjoys the costume ideas!

Keep an eye out for next years ideas's too!!
Halloween 2013 is just around the corner!!

Our little family, all dressed-up and bundled-up while enjoying our Trick-Or-Treating adventure!!

Loran the Black Cat is on the right and Jade the mermaid is on the left!

The above photos are what our family ended up dressing up as for Halloween in 2012!
I went with my Geisha Costume and was very happy! (Some baby powder mixed with wither foundation or lotion is a GREAT way to pail for face up!)
Alan found his Ninja outfit and he wore it.... Without the sword!
Loran decided that she wanted to be a Black Cat. Soooo with some black clothes and a little face-paint, I fixed her up. I even sewed up a scrap piece of black fabric to look like a tail and stuffed it with leftover stuffing. I ended up attaching the tail to a belt and it worked GREAT!
Jade went with her Arial costume and went as a mermaid!

So what do you think?

Did we pull off our Halloween 2012 costumes pretty well?
(Please overlook the grain in the Family photo, My camera's batteries died during the beginning of our trick-or-treating and thankfully, we ran into our landlord later that night! She offered to take the family photo's of us (with her cell phone) and sent them via text. I have alone one but it's just as grainy :( I need to
2013's Halloween photo's will be much clearer... I promise! Hopefully...... My camera will not only have fully charged batteries, I'm plan on bring back-ups as well!)

"Getting to know My Readers"

How early do you start planning Halloween Costumes and Decor?

I would love to hear your input on this subject!


If you happen to know who these photo's belong too (Other than the 2 bottom photo's and the "Happy Halloween" photo at the top, which are all 3 mine)...

Please contact me via email at and I'll give proper credit ASAP. This post was created long before I truly knew what I was doing as a blogger and I didn't think about linking the owners to my post. I will gladly link every blogger/site that needs to be linked, if I can figure out who and where they all belong! :)
Thanks in advance for you help!!

Photo Source - Google Search & Thru My Eyes Photography


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