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Monday, October 1, 2012

Alittle about ABC's show 'Once Upon A Time' along with Show Quote-Pictures

Did everyone watch the Season 2 Premier of Once Upon A Time last-night? It was quite a show! If you don't know what the show is about I'll quickly fill you in.
All those faerie tales you heard as a child and tell your kids.... They are real! The Evil Queen has cast an Evil Spell on the Kingdom and has sent everyone to the Mortal World to a town named StoryBrook where there is no Magic. The only people safe from the curse was Pinocchio and Emma. Emma is SnowWhite and Prince Charming's daughter. She was sent to safety in a tree with Pinocchio to save everyone when she got old enough. All the Faerie Tale characters you grew up with are in StoryBrook!
 Season 2 has started where the curse is broken but everyone is still in StoryBrook but they remember who they are. They are after the Queen who is the Mayer of StoryBrook. It's gets pretty crazy!
If you havn't seen the show then you really need to! The new Season comes on ABC on Sunday's at 8pm Eastern Time. Season 1 should be on NetFlix soon. Here are some of the Quote Pictures that were made for the show.

(aka Pinocchio)

(aka The Mad Hatter)

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