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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Poem I Once Wrote.......

As I sit here tonight,
Wishing your were here,
Knowing your happy,
Right where you are,
I could of been in her place,
But chose to stay,
I couldn't move my kids...
To live under that place.
I love my life...
But can't help but think,
Think about all that got left behind,

The Future,
The Past,
The Present and Beyond,
Puzzle pieces that don't all belong.
Some square,
Some round,
Some oval,
Some wild.
All with one purpose...
The purpose of me.
The things that were mine...
Some that still are,
Everything that I've lost,
All that I've gained.
The twists of my life
With the happy and the sad,
With the ups and the downs,
It all adds to one thing.......
And that thing is Success.............
Or was that depressed??

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